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Postpartum Care - Things I wish I knew with my first baby.

As a new Mom I was shocked by the raw nipples, waking up in a puddle of breastmilk, and how painful it was for me to walk down our little hallway. I was completely unprepared to care for myself postpartum. I had all the things for the baby, but had not thought about what I would need to recover from pushing out a tiny human. 

This is why I am really excited to share these four things that made my postpartum recovery a little easier!

Sitz Bath

I was a week postpartum when Sari dropped off a sitz bath and steeped the herbs for me. I put it in my peri bottle and then put the remainder in a shallow bath and sat in it for 20 minutes. The next morning I couldn’t believe how much less swelling and pain I felt! 

Frozen Pads

The hospital that my first baby was born in used to give you frozen pads after birth. I had no idea people did that! When we went home my sweet husband spent one evening putting a little bit of coconut oil, witch hazel, and aloe gel on pads for me while he watched soccer. I think I have a picture somewhere. He put them in the freezer after he used all of his potions and lotions. 

When the nesting stage hits you, use some of that energy to make frozen pads so you’re prepared.

Nipple Butter

It can be very painful when you and baby are learning to nurse. It helped me a lot to make sure I used nipple butter after each nurse. This is one you want to be careful with because whatever you put on, there could be traces of it ingested by baby.

That’s why we love Anointment, it’s safe for you and baby.


This is one I didn’t have but I wish I knew about it with my first. I had so much milk the first few weeks that I had to catch the milk in a cup on the other side when I was nursing. 

It would have been so nice to have a Haakaa and not worry about my milk spilling and soaking me and baby, or just wasting it by letting a receiving blanket soak it up. 

These are the four things I wish I knew before my first baby. Was any of this new to you? Let me know your favorite postpartum recovery care in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading,