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Our Story



Sari and Kristi are sisters first, moms and wives second, and now business owners together.

Neither are new to the entrepreneur field, Sari has taught private music lessons for over ten years, and Kristi has captured life as a photographer, since she was a late teen.

After each becoming moms, and having their first babies in the year of 2020, (no they didn’t plan their pregnancies for the same year), and then having each their second children again, the same year in 2022, (again, not planned). They discovered how important it was to use and divide their time.

So, for a year they sat around each other’s kitchen table, or chatted at a playground, about ideas that would bring more value to their time. They perused many different ideas, but nothing seemed to really fit. They only knew they wanted to have their own space on the internet that would serve their families and yours.

Sari was already friends with the founding owner of Red Earth Baby Boutique and asked her for some ideas, and what it was like running her boutique. During that conversation, Stefanie (founding owner), mentioned she was thinking about selling her baby boutique, and well, the rest is history.

Sari and Kristi are excited to bring both quality and value to your life with the range of products that REBB offers, that focus on motherhood and postpartum care. They are also looking forward to sharing real life day to day moments, and thoughts from two moms who are in the thick of raising babies and running a business.

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