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Teething SOS!

We are in the middle of Valentina cutting FOUR teeth! Poor thing... and poor Mom and Dad. We are all tired. I wanted to share some of my tips I've found that have worked well for my kids. 

1. Silicone Fresh Food Feeder

Try giving your baby some frozen bananas in a product called Fresh Food Feeder. We have a silicone one that is really easy to clean and I prefer it over the meshbag fresh food feeders. It is designed to eliminate choking hazards for early eaters. It can hold food for your baby to suck or chew. A little frozen fruit will give the baby an incentive to bite down and work those teeth through the gums!

2. Teethers - Training Toothbrush is technically not a teether but works so good!! It has a flower stopper so they can't push it too far in and gag on it and the silicone bristles work really well for painful gums. This can also be dipped in liquid of your choice and put in the freezer for extra relief. 

3. Soft cotton cloth dipped in water and placed in freezer for 20-30 minutes. Baby can suck and chew and find some relief. 

4. Frozen Soother - Dip baby soother in liquid of choice and freeze for 30 minutes. I've found that fruit puree works good. 

5. Camilia - At night we give her Camilia. It's a natural homeopathic remedy. It has helped her so much! Follow the directions on the box. I find it at any natural health store or walmart. 


I hope these tips make their way to the right Mom or Dad that needs a little help. You're doing great!


One tired Mama